December 12, 2019

Two Ingredient Muffins

     A box of spice cake mix and a can of pure pumpkin, mixed well and baked at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes, is yummo! Who knew? I saw this two ingredient recipe posted by my friend Brenda on Facebook and, of course, had to try it.  Now I made mini-muffies, as we like to call them (baked for only 12 minutes). In about half the batter, I added a bit of well drained crushed pineapple.  They turned out fine with the added flavor and texture and I served them for breakfast, lunch and dinner dessert. The truth is that not many were left by dinner.  As I write this, I’m thinking a bit of softened cream cheese would be a great topping to go along with the spice cake.
     I haven’t tried these other combinations I found online, but they sound wonderful and so easy and quick. How about chocolate cake mix and 2 cups plain Greek yogurt, or lemon or orange cake mix and 1 ½ cup diet 7-up, or lemon or orange cake mix and one undrained 15 ounce can of Mandarin oranges, blended until semi-smooth for added texture, or angel food cake with one can of either apple, blueberry or cherry pie filling, blended till nearly smooth or yellow cake mix and 4 ripe bananas, mashed?   All the individual ingredients are good, so together, how can you go wrong?  Okay, if  you can’t stand it and want to goose up the recipe a smidge, maybe add some chocolate or butter scotch chips or crushed nuts or drained cherries sliced in half or raisins or craisins. The word or means choices! Once cool, top with Cool Whip and boom!  Store in the fridge. Fun and done! 

     P.S.  When making regular sized muffins, use muffin papers and lightly cover with non-stick spray.  If making a cake, treat the pan with non-stick spray, too, and be sure and follow the instructions on the box. Do not add any other ingredients like eggs or oil as listed on the back.  Remember, this is for Two Ingredient recipes. Heck, you might have a cake mix and pie filling in the pantry to try out for tonight! 

Happy Baking!    

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