February 29, 2020

Imagination Fun Plus The Goodbye Lie Diaries - Pat Dunnigan

     What are the odds I would look down and see a sweet little duck face looking up at me?  Yes, just like that, I spied a leaf in the image of a duck head, complete with eye and orangish colored beak!  So keep your eyes ever-moving. The next time you see one thing that could be interpreted as another, send me an email (graciousjanemarie@yahoo) with the image and I'll credit you and share with the rest of the world. (It will have to meet our family-friendly tasteful test, of course.) Hey, discovery of stuff is fun and that is part of the wonder of living!  
*The Goodbye Lie Diaries

Jack Patrick Dunnigan aka Pat
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida
Late 1880s

Pat writes:
     I'm thinking I was about nine years old when I
Pat Dunnigan
found a rock that looked like Mr. Ruddyeater's hairy nose.  It even had moss growing out the noseholes. I lost it back then in a bet with Wally Blackburn, the fella who still lives on the houseboat to the north.  He said he could eat more tar than me.  I tried, but I'm glad he won.

*The Goodbye Lie Diaries Explained:

Herein are the personal words from the players in my historic romance series, The Goodbye Lie, set in the late 1800s on Amelia Island, Florida.  These diaries were created because friends of the novels and E-books often contact me saying they want to catch glimpses of the day-to-day goings-on of their beloved characters, as they read or finish reading the books.

What becomes of Breelan Dunnigan, the innocently inquisitive writer, her parents, spoiling Michael and nearly perfect Miss Ella Dunnigan, Captain Waite Taylor, tortured by honor, Aunt Noreen, everyone's less than favorite relative, Pat Dunnigan, the bad boy with good intentions, sometimes, Grandmother Peeper and her elixer-fixer potions ... ?  

If you've not yet met these most interesting folks, step onto the island called Amelia Island and into the small Victorian seaside town of Fernandina, a world all its own,  Read of their suspense filled adventures and deep and heart-wrenching loves in The Goodbye Lie, Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow and Amelia Island's Mark of a Man.  -jmm

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