May 8, 2020

Honoring ALL Mothers

Happy Mother's Day!
     I got to thinking about my wonderful mother, Marie, and how special she will forever be to all her children.  And there are so many ways by which women are mothers.  One of those includes fictious mothers we may not be able to physically touch, but who are still real and vivid in our emotions.  To that end, I honor Miss Ella Dunnigan from my Goodbye Lie series.  So many
Miss Ella Dunnigan
readers tell me how much 

they admire Miss Ella, matriarch of the Irish-American family in the 1880 and 90s on Amelia Island, Florida. In reading the family's story, we soon realize she is the kind of person who sets the standard for motherhood, what with her gentle and caring ways toward her little ones, kin, friends and strangers.  She has her frustrations and regrets, like we all have,  yet doing what is right, drives her, in most matters ...   
     My sister, Peggy Brown, surprised me with the lovely Mother's Day roses pictured in the photo. Since Miss Ella is renowned for growing her own roses at Dunnigan Manor, I want to share their beauty with her (through the magic of imagination and electronics) and with you.  As human beings, we create memories every moment and those memories of our mothers are forever-cuddles to our hearts. Thank you, Lord, for such a gift.

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