February 3, 2021

Newspaper Heart Family Craft Plus Breelan and The Goodbye Lie Diaries

     What is spare time?  I hear there is such a thing, but I have none of it.  I like it that way.  If I'm not working on my next historical fiction novel, Amelia Island's Sand and Sin, in my Goodbye Lie series, writing this blog, walking the dog, growing tomatoes, cleaning, cooking, yada, yada, fill in the blanks, I am crafting.  I have been a crafter ever since I can remember.  One of my earliest memories is making an entire Christmas scene from colored construction paper and crayons and taping it to the metal sliding closet door in my baby brother's room.  Bobby didn't care.  Heck, he couldn't do much more than chew on his hand, and his door was a great place to showcase the entire tableau. From a sun, clouds and a brick house with a smoking chimney to pine trees, the Christmas star, Santa, a sleigh and that one reindeer with a red nose, it was a major undertaking!  Why not more reindeer?  My little scissor hand was worn out by this time.  I'm telling you all this only to prove I am a sincere, ever-loving crafter.  
     Well, I have discovered Barb from Georgia, creative and fun host of  The Shabby Tree online craft videos.  Her projects are usually simple, quick, and you use mostly hot glue, no need to bring out the sewing machine or even a needle and thread. Lots of supplies can be found at The Dollar Tree, too. This time, I made her woven newspaper heart.  And it turned out to be "stinkin' " cute.  That's what Barb always says. 😊 
     Here is a link to her woven newspaper heart video instructions: The Shabby Tree newspaper heartshabbytree/videos/225610678962746 - This is perfect for Valentine's Day, week or month or, if you're like me, all year long.  I love hearts. Get it? love hearts?  I have them scattered all over the house.  Anyway, you can make these as a family craft using rolled newspaper to weave with another roll covering a wire to form the outside frame of the heart.  Secure with dab of hot glue, being careful of burns, of course. (Until recently, I always kept a glass of cool water nearby to dip my fingers in if I accidently touched any of the hot glue.  I discovered rubber finger tips, 3 for $1.00 at Dollar Tree!  They have already saved me from more scars and ouchies.)  You can keep the embellishments simple or fancy with lace, buttons and other bling.  Enjoy! - jmm  

Goodbye Lie Diaries
(Through the magic of electronics, mental telepathy and a smidge of time travel, Jane Marie is able to communicate with her clan of characters from her  The Goodbye Lie series. The result is The Goodbye Lie Diaries, scattered throughout this blog.)

Late 1880s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Breelan Dunnigan writes: 
Please thank your Barb from Georgia for the grand newspaper heart idea.  While I am unable to work this link you speak of, for I have no device to show such, I believe I can evaluate the method you have used from your photograph.  There are so many trinkets and fancies around here in sewing baskets and the like, I am anxious to decorate my heart and shant delay. Grandmother Peeper keeps a short stack of newspapers in which to wrap the nasty    scraps she can't feed the animals. Should the family need more newspaper, for the children will enjoy this, too, I can aquire some at the Florida Mirror office.  I will be going there later to turn in my copy about Mrs. Edenmyer. She mentioned to me yesterday how she cracked open a three-yolked duck egg whilst making an elderberry cake for the senior luncheon at the Presbyterian church.  If Major Fairbanks prints my article in the next issue of the paper, she'll be the talk of the town! I'm off with a smile inside me.   

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