September 26, 2010

Join our 3 Second Memory Club!

COME ONE. COME ALL!  JOIN OUR 3 SECOND MEMORY CLUB! Yes folks. It took me a while to remember to start it, but you, too, can be a member of my latest brainstorm if you do ANY of the following:
  • walk in a room and don't remember why you're there
  • reach for the closet light switch on the right that was in your apartment 20 years ago
  • meet someone and, under pain of death, you don't remember their name within the 1st minute
  • can repeat gossip but don't have a clue who told it to you in the first place
  • know the melody but rarely the words
  • know you've heard something about something but what could it be?
  • wonder what that helpful hint was
  • only remember two out of twelve things you need to put on the grocery list 
  • get in the car but can't remember where you're supposed to go for a second or two
  • have an appointment sometime during the month but don't know the date without calling
  • live by jotting down your life on sticky-notes
  • forget to add vanilla to your boiled white icing
  • friends with the same condition commiserate
  • laugh at your goofiness
  • know you've put your glasses, keys, shoes, etc. in a good spot, but where?
  • want to add to this list but can't remember what to contribute
There are no dues, no rules and no meetings, just a kindred of like-minded souls with great long term memories but next to zero short term.  Just know, you are not alone!

Important:  For more information on memory loss, click below:  If you are seriously concerned, as with all things medical, check with your personal physician.

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