May 31, 2011

122 Years Ago

The great Johnstown, Pennsylvania flood occurred on Memorial Day, May 31, 1889, in which 2,209 people lost their lives. The reason I know all about this is because the flood is featured in my historic novel, Amelia Island's Velvet Undertow. I actually sent the manuscript to the Johnstown Flood Museum and a park ranger was kind enough to review it for me to make sure it was factually correct. The only thing I had wrong was the name of the hunt club in the tale.  I had it as the Southfork Hunting and Fishing Club and it was, in fact, the Southfork Fishing and Hunting Club. 

One reader wrote: I could smell the flood water, your story was so real to me. I wanted to covey the horror. Apparently I did. It is never too late to say prayers for those who died and those who were left behind to deal with the loss of life and property. Reminds you of Alabama and Missouri, doesn't  it? God bless them all.

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