May 16, 2011

Making the Mark

I was double checking info about the Florida Mirror Newspaper for Mark of a Man, my next historic novel set in 1898 Fernandina, Florida. I knew some things and found out others thanks to the Thomas G. Carpenter Library, University of North Florida. 
Volume 1, no. 1 was published November 30, 1878. It was printed twice a week from 1894 to 1899 and three times a week from 1890 to 1891. Publishing stopped in 1901.

This might seem like dry stats to you. However, Breelan Dunnigan is Director of Marketing for the fictional Aqua Verdi Passenger Line, the Dunnigan family shipping business, which runs along the Atlantic seaboard in the 1880s. Bree needs to know this stuff because she makes frequent stops at the Florida Mirror, located  on Centre Street in downtown Fernandina, and turns in her promotional copy, like her Sale of a Sail ads and... Well, you get the idea. 

Stay tuned as Mark of a Man gets closer to publication every day...

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