September 3, 2011

GBL Diaries- Breelan Thanks JMM

1880s  Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida
Breelan write and Jane Marie answers...

Dear Jane Marie,


   I want to thank you for finding me inside your imagination. I like who I am. You could have made me  hateful like Aunt Noreen but instead I'm lovable. Oh dear, I do not mean to sound boastful. It is just that I generally have more friends than enemies. Well, until I have my Goodbye Lie adventure. I shiver as I remember. My life in danger, my family, too... There are bad people in the world, even here on tranquil Amelia Island in the Atlantic Ocean and you found them.  It makes for a great tale I have to say. The best part of all is you deliver me into the hands of the man I love, although it is quite the struggle to be together.  I want you to know how happy I am to be able to tell you my feelings in these Goodbye Lie diaries.  What fun to reach through time like this!
   Most sincerely,
   Breelan Dunnigan

Dear Bree,

Jane Marie
    I am so very, very glad, happy and proud, as they say, to discover you, too!  Little did I know that the loss of my husband's job making me homesick for Fernandina when we moved away for two years then back again, would be the catalyst to spark me writing the twisting chapters of our  Goodbye Lie series. Notice I write our series.  It is not mine alone for without you, the rest of the Dunnigan family and the Fernandina townfolk plus the unwelcome intruders to cause conflict, we would not have exciting escapades to share with the whole world. Did you realize that folks all over the earth read about you and yours?  It was meant to be, sweet Breelan.
   Much love, 
   Jane Marie

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