March 9, 2012

Welcome Home

This is a happy ending to the horrible story of my dear, dear friend Bonnie who lost her home and all it's contents in the May 22, 2011 Joplin, Missouri tornado. I could put links up to You Tube or articles about the devastating storm, but I want to focus on survival.  Bonnie has seen hard times, like so many other people, yet none so hard as this ordeal.  She could have crumbled, and perhaps did a bit in private. Yet after the shock of it all, I am not surprised by her strength. She did what needed to be done, and that was to keep her family together. With the help of her wonderful husband by her side, plenty of caring friends supporting her and her unshakable faith in God, today she has crossed the threshold of her newly built home.  In my book, she is the stuff heroines are made of...  Welcome home, Bonnie!

Bonnie unlocking her new front door and stepping into the brilliant future.

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