December 30, 2012

New Year's Snack

I guess we'll call them Sun-Dried Tomato Crisps. My daughter, Barbra, made these for me over Christmas and they were delightful. They are so easy, I'm making them New Year's Eve! Thank you, Barbra!

Sun-Dried Tomato Crisps

You'll need:
Pita Bread
Sun-Dried Tomatoes in oil with herbs (I used 8.5 oz. California Sun-Dry, Julienne Cut.)

Optional toppings:
Parmesan Cheese
Feta Cheese
Green Onions
Kalamata Olives
Black Olives
Whatever You Have Handy or Want

Slice the pita bread in half horizontally so you have two thin flat circles.  Cut each circle into wedges.  Cover each wedge with drained sun-dried tomatoes and any other topping. Bake in a pre-heated 375 degree oven for 8 to 10 minutes or until wedges are crisp.  Serve warm.  Pass the grated Parmesan. (It's always "pass the parm" in our house.)


December 22, 2012

2012 Annual Christmas Letter

Dear Friends,

It's that time of year when our family shares the highlights of bygone months.  Hang on, for what you're about to read will be… Well, hang on, if you dare...

Mother asked: "What is the score?"
Her Brother replied: "10 to10."
Mother: "Who is winning?"
Her Brother:  "It's 10 to 10."
Mother, laughing: "Oh, since you're a Navy man, I’m glad it's Navy."
Her Brother: "It's 10 to 10."
Mother: "Beat Army!" (Mother is proud of her sports knowledge.)

Father rewired the front porch light.  Whenever the family flips the switch, the hair dryer starts blowing cold.  Mother says the A/C bill is lower and spent the extra money on a nose hair trimmer for Father.  Braiding his nose hair was taking too much time away from grass mowing.

Cousin Isning's left earlobe went missing. 

The family went on a cruise to the Bahamas.  Father said next time he'll spring for food. The good news is everybody looked better in their swim suits.

After adopting a rescued doggie, Mother said to Her Brother who was moving in for a very long unexpected visit, "Where is the dog?  I don't want her to run outside."
Her Brother: "I know exactly where she is.  She's biting my right ankle."
Mother:  "Oh good!  After you put on thicker socks, give her one of these biscuits and praise her so she'll keep doing it and we'll always know where to find her." Mother should be an animal trainer.

Uncle Knuckle gave Niece a candle for her birthday. Father worried she would burn her house down.  Uncle Knuckle pointed out that her house is termite-ridden so Father gave her an extra book of matches to speed the process. 

Daughter walked the beach and left a small pile of special seashells on the shore near the water.  When she returned the next day with a bucket to collect them, they were gone.  With such blatant disregard of citizen's property, she wonders what will be next?  Stealing dandelions?

Cousin Gassie reports his bowel sounds have improved. 
Aunt Rantie asked Mother, "Since they all have four legs and a tail, how does a dog know it's not a cat and a cat know it's not a dog?"  Not wanting to appear superior in her knowledge, Mother blew her nose.
The glue on the church envelopes tastes like red paint.

The neighborhood got new orange recycling cans.  Cousin Irk says the color suits him better than the regular gray trash can and likes his new digs.

Canned peaches are still on aisle 5.

Father discovered that if you turn a book upside down, the words are upside down, too. 

The bread often has green edges.  Mother is pleased because the color matches her vinyl place mats.

The ice cream melted too fast and Father is preparing to take legal action.
The mailman has crusty elbows.

That's the news from sunny
 Amelia Island, Florida.
Merry Christmas
 and don't eat too much tinsel.  
 Happy 2013, too!

December 19, 2012

Goodbye Lie Sugar & Spice Nuts w Excerpt

Every year around Christmas, I make my Sugar and Spice Nuts. I think they are festive enough to serve for fancy functions, so wrote them into my historical romance novel, The Goodbye Lie.  Click on the link for the recipe, read the excerpt below from the book that mentions the nuts...

The scene is the Fort Clinch Christmas dance of 1882 set on Amelia Island, Florida.  

     While Trip and Will found amusement between them, Nora commented, "You'd never think this was a military establishment from the looks of the holiday decorations.  All I can think of right now, though, is biting the head off one of those frosted snowman cookies hanging from the red ribbons."...

     The girls nibbled on triangular egg salad sandwiches, rolled ham, and sugared nuts while watching Mrs. Bleether. The stout widow was still dressed in black for General Bleether who had passed away in the line of duty before Breelan was born. Tonight, the widow nodded periodically to the conductor with instructions. A self-described expert tunesmith, she could always be found near the hapless leader of the band at any social function she attended...

      Breelan danced with Trip each time he asked despite his occasional cutting remarks. She didn't understand why he was becoming increasingly nasty as the evening advanced. Usually that happened as he drank more alcohol, but the dance committee was only serving spiced punch and mulled cider they heated with a fire poker. When Trip crushed her to him in an indelicate moment of lust, she felt the hard flask under his tunic and understood.

     The glowing fireplaces kept most of the cold at bay. They blazed high, casting a golden haze on everyone and everything. Passing the door in dance, Breelan felt a rush of raw wind enter the room, along with a late arriving couple. The cape the man wore was not military. She saw the woman next. The blond hair, piled a little too high on the head, left no doubt that it was Leona Visper, a figure not seen since New York City and more importantly, not missed. Looking again at the silhouette of shoulders, Breelan realized the identity of the singer's escort. It was then that eyes met, expressions hardened and polite nods were exchanged.

     "What the hell's he doing here?" Trip railed.

     Having no answer, Breelan offered none.

     "Look everyone," said a voice from somewhere in the room, "Captain Taylor and his lady brought the snow with them to Fernandina!" The floor cleared as couples rushed to the windows to see the rare white flakes drop softly to the earth, melting on contact with the warmer sand and sparse grass.

     Trip grabbed Breelan's hand and yanked her to the window farthest from the entrance. He threw his arm about her waist...murmured a vulgarity against her ear. She tried pulling away, but was fused to his body by his overpowering strength...

December 16, 2012


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December 8, 2012

Doy to the World!

Here I go again. I misspoke and look what popped out. Doy to the World! I couldn't ignore the unintentional funny, now could I? So, for your viewing and buying pleasure, I have created a new online shop called...get it is: GOOFY GRAVY, meaning goofy as in goofy and gravy as in extra good. 

Click below for t-shirt details
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Hugs and Blisses!
Jane Marie

PS.  There are the things that clog my mind.  WAIT.   
That's another t-shirt. Stay tuned!!!!

December 1, 2012