May 29, 2015

Sesame Street Party Ideas on a Budget

My friend, Shirlene Reeves, and her lovely daughter, Corby, a first grade teacher, re-created the Sesame Street themed balloon wreath, hanging characters and inviting veggie trays they discovered on Pinterest.  I am not sure who originated these darling party ideas, but I will credit that person if I find out.  Until then, thank you to Shirlene and Corby for letting me share with you. The girls made all these delights for a birthday party for one-year-old Amelia. By the way, most non-edible supplies came from either a dollar store or a discount store in the craft department. 

Corby's balloon wreath, is made from colorful balloons pinned to a straw wreath.  She printed and laminated the sign.

Corby's Big Bird wall hanging is made from a dollar store plastic table cloth.  Face is printed and laminated so it's sturdy.  This can be hung inside or outside from a tree when the weather is nice.

Corby also made Cookie Monster from a dollar store plastic table cloth.

Shirlene found a red plastic plate, arranged cherry tomatoes for the face, black olives for the mouth, carrots for the nose and ranch dressing in single serving cups for the eyes. Two black olives were used for the pupils of the eyes. (A yellow gourd would work for the nose, too, I'm thinking. -jm)  

Cookie Monster has a face of blueberries, blackberries for the mouth, vanilla yogurt and more blueberries for the eyes per Shirlene's magic touch. Make sure to place the blueberry eyes cattywampus like Cookie's.

Shirlene's Oscar, the Grouch, has a face full of broccoli, black olives for the mouth, cherry tomatoes for his tongue, carrots for his eyebrows and ranch dressing with black olives for his eyes. 

Shirlene couldn't forget Big Bird made from pineapple chunks with two longer pieces for his beak.  Add vanilla yogurt with blueberries and two small pieces of red tomato for the eyes and you have Big Bird on a platter!

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