March 30, 2017

Meet Leona Visper- Goodbye Lie Player

Set in 1882 in the city of Fernandina, Amelia Island, Florida

Leona Visper
Leona Visper - Now she is somebody everyone wants to meet. Why?  Because she is known worldwide as The Songbird of the North.  With her blond hair piled high, glistening eyes  and a figure she is not ashamed to show off, Miss Visper has a voice of silk, which can lure men into her devilment.  However, she wants no ordinary men for they do not satisfy her.  Her men must have mountains more money than that in her own swollen bank account plus they must be highly regarded in society.  
     Additionally,  Leona doesn't much like being compared to other women, especially if they are younger. Because of this, she has few female friends. 
     Her master plan is to permanently land the richest male she can. She prefers him unmarried, but only because there are less tedious complications with a bachelor.  If he is handsome, all the better.  And she doesn't care what she has to do to complete her mission ... 

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March 25, 2017

Family Affair

#The Goodbye Lie series
     I am quick to acknowledge I have many blessings in my life.  One is the support I receive from my family with regard to my writing. They read my rough drafts, manuscripts and finished stories, all the while making suggestions and asking questions. They tease me. They laugh and cry where I mean them to as they turn the pages. They tell their friends about the wonder of me, their oft times wacky relative who lives on Amelia Island in Florida. 
     A most meaningful gesture to me came from my little granddaughter, Ava.  One wonderful summer day at the beach, she told me to close my eyes.  I heard her playing in the sand and expected to spy a fine sandcastle.  Instead, when I was given permission to look, I discovered she had written out the title of my series for passersby to find until the tide washed it away. (See the photo above.) When it comes to toughing hearts, Ava is at the top of her game.              
                                                 - Jane Marie  

March 23, 2017

Grandmother Peeper's Wisdom-Goodbye Lie Diaries

Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida
late 1800s

"My ma always told me, if'n ya act like a skunk, the folks about town will smell yur stinky feet acomin' before they see ya." - Peeper, grandmother to the Dunnigan family, 
The Goodbye Lie series


P.S.  Just so we're clear, Peeper prefers being called Peeper versus Grandmother Peeper.  It's not because she's embarrassed by her advanced age, but because that is the nickname the Dunnigan children gave her when they were little.  However, I explained that the internet knows her as Grandmother Peeper, and suggested we may have to use the title occasionally.  With a sigh of understanding, she told me, "The more folks that find out about me and my ways 'round the world, the wiser the world will be."  Thank you, Peeper.                                         - Jane Marie

March 20, 2017

March 10, 2017

An Irish Welcoming-Excerpt from Amelia Island's Mark of a Man

Every day is St. Paddy's Day for the Irish  Dunnigan family from The Goodbye Lie series. Read an excerpt below from my novel, Amelia Island's Mark of a Man, for a taste of their kind of family chatter. 

Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida:

Amelia Island's Mark of a Man HERE
    Peeking around the corner was a short woman somewhat smaller in circumference than Aunt Noreen. White curls escaped from the bun at the back of her head. The severe hairstyle couldn't conceal the glow of kindness in her eyes. "Is there someone here who might be rememberin' me?"

   "My stars! Is it Kathleen?"

   "No other. And 'tis himself, Michael Dunnigan! It's been eons since last I've laid me eyes on ya."

   Her rich Irish brogue hearkened back to the sweet sound of their mother's voice. As if propelled by dynamite, he sprang forth to hug her. Tears trickled down his face as his wife and family watched the loving exchange.

   "There now, Michaeleen, don't be slobberin' all over me new travelin' costume. Salty streaks will never do for the sister of Fernandina's greatest city father ever ta draw a breathin' breath."  She held him at arm's length to take him in. "Ah, you're lookin' fine. Real fine. And you'll be recallin' me husband, Lawrence?"
     The men shook hands and embraced as well. "What?  Where?  What?" Michael stammered.

   "Michael, darling," Miss Ella helped, "may we share some of that sugar?"

   "Ella! You're as pretty as the day you was weddin' our Michael."

   After identifying each in the gathering, Kathleen said, "We might be arrivin' a bit late, but when we got the invitation from Winnie, we decided to be surprisin' ya.  It appears we've done just that."

   "We all love surprises, Katie," said Peeper. "Specially me!"

   "Would you like to freshen up?" asked Miss Ella.

   "We're good, thank you. Took care of all that business afore we come upstairs."

   "Can we be gettin' ya somethin' ta eat and drink?" Michael asked, lapsing in and out of his own brogue. "Would ya like to rest or visit in the parlor?" His energy renewed at the unexpected sight of his sister, "Whatever ya need.  Our place has taken a hit, but the love in the house goes on strong as ever."

   "We can feel it," said Lawrence. "It was getting late so we ate at that Florida House hotel near the docks. Several locals recommended it.  I'm thirsty for some tea now, though.  How about you, Kate?"

   "That sounds refreshin', it does."

   "Sweet tea, ma'am?" asked a timid Angelique.

   "That would be lovely, missy," and Angelique was gone to get the refreshments. "But if you won't be mindin' any, we'd like to do our visitin' up here with young Jack Patrick. A-course, he's nary so young these days. I remember—"

   "Excuse me, ma'am," Clover said, fitting two more chairs for them in the room.

   A winded Aunt Noreen burst through the door, pushing aside those in her way.  "Land's sake, I wish you people would be more thoughtful and hold court downstairs in the parlor.  It's bad enough I have to trek all the way over here every time I'm needed, but then to climb those steep stairs, again and again, and under threat of rain, too.  It's a wonder my heart doesn't explode from the exertion." After one lengthy sigh, "If it isn't old Kate!  I just heard you were here. That you came clear from Washington, D.C., just to see me?—You have touched my heart."

   "That ain't all that's touched in ya," Peeper added, sincere in her ill will.

   "You sure the floor up here will hold so many people?" Noreen asked her brother, the architect.

   Thinking now was not the time to let Noreen's insults spoil the happy mood, Michael's reply was minimal. "I'm sure."    After they'd hugged, "You're the very same, Noreen," noted Kathleen.

   "Thank you, Kate, but you certainly have changed. Your hair's gone white."

And so it goes in the sometimes squabbling and always blabbering, loving and devoted Dunnigan family.  -Just the same as yours.

March 6, 2017

New Friend plus #Goodbye Diaries - Aunt Noreen

Say hi to Dawn from Georgia, a lovely lady I recently met on a sun-filled day here in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida.  You know how much I love to introduce my new friends to our old friends, Breelan and Carolena and Pat and Peeper and Aunt Noreen.  My hope is for them to get aquainted and love my Goodbye Lie family and folks of Fernandina from the late 1800s, the same as so many others across the world have.  Welcome Dawn! I now pronounce you a Goodbye LieR!

The Goodbye Lie Diaries:

Late 1880s
Fernandina on Amelia Island

Aunt Noreen writes: Most of the lovely people
Aunt Noreen
reading what Jane Marie calls her blog are well aware of the abuse I receive from my Dunnigan family. Nevertheless, I adore them all.  Well, mostly all.  That Peeper is a pip.  Excuse my harsh criticism of the woman.  She is not blood kin and, therefore, I reject her and her insults toward me. 

     However, this diary entry is not about Peeper.  Rather, I have a bone to pick with Jane Marie, herself.  It is never proper to refer to a lady's age, young or old. It is not ever the thing to do.  So, I officially declare that I resent, with the greatest of emphasis, her statement above where she includes me as one of her old friends. While I shan't ever speak of my age, I will readily admit, my appearance is that of a much younger creature.  With no boasting intended, men still find me alluring. In any case, Jane Marie, I demand you never again refer to me as old!  Peeper, on the other hand, is a completely different matter.  Feel unencumbered to tell the world about that nasty heifer.

Present day
Fernandina Beach

Jane Marie responds: 

Dear, dear Aunt Noreen,
   You have the skill of a master wood carver when it comes to finding offense where none is meant. The old was not directed toward your age or the age of any one else.  I was referring to the fact that you and I have known each other for many years. Hence, you are an old friend. 
     My how I do love you, Auntie.  You are so complicated, yet so entertaining.  Although Peeper and half the town in your time would probably not agree with me, however, I am compelled to say, "Never change." 

March 2, 2017

My Latest Vice #chocolatelover

This is the ditty swirling about in my head.  I invite you to sing along to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell.

I have a brand new vice.
I think it's very nice.
Although it's not too good for me,
I want to do it twice.

Now picture me with it.
A lot or just a bit.
I can pig out, without a doubt.
I'll not get sick a whit!

It's chocolate, so you see,
This is my fervent plea.
I'll give to you the recipe,
But drop down on one knee. 

Chocolate Vice Recipe:

One box of #brownie mix on sale (BOGO is best.)
Water to taste
One Fork

In a small glass of your choosing, keeping in mind a fancy champagne or wine goblet will make the tasting even more festive, pour at least a 1/4 cup of dry brownie mix into the glass.  Dribble a slight amount of water on top and stir with the fork.  Repeat and repeat and repeat ...

Oh, I just realized I'm saving money, too, by making this chocolate recipe!  To that end, here are some new lyrics to my ditty:

I have a brand new tip.
You'll thank me quite a bit.
No oven heat or eggs or oil,
Just happiness to the lip! 

See, I told you it's fun in my world.

                                                   -Jane Marie