October 10, 2017

Double-Duty Curtain - The Goodbye Lie Diaries - Miss Ella

One woman's shower curtain
is another woman's parlor curtain!

     My daughter, Barbra, is a good cook and has wonderful taste. Oh, she decorates beautifully, too. 😉 Well, the first time I saw her shower curtain, the one in the photo, I fell in love with it. When she was ready for something new, I snatched it up. The embroidered flowers and delicate feel are perfect for our parlor.  Hanging from a tension rod, I gathered it in the center with a pink satin ribbon and attached a bejeweled butterfly ornament on the bow.   It's so me!      
                             -Jane Marie, present day

The Goodbye Lie Diaries
Late 1880s
Fernandina, Amelia Island, Florida

Miss Ella writes: That curtain is lovely. It's very feminine.  I can imagine its gentle undulations against our bedroom window.  Michael is
impartial to such things and would not appreciate it, but Breelan, Carolena and Marie and Grammy and Peeper would.
     And I appreciate that you have found a second purpose for it. Now that the war is over and we are all nearly rebuilt and recovered, as much as one can be after such a horror, some are less than appreciative with their possessions and are almost wasteful with them. That is a shameful thing I am forever preaching to my family to avoid. Everything has value.  Often, the more worn items are, the more love has been poured upon them. So may you ever enjoy your curtain. 
     I am curious as to what you will do with it once you take it down.  Perhaps a table covering or piano shawl or doll clothes? So many possibilities, aren't there?

Miss Ella Dunnigan is matriarch and mother of Breelan, Carolena, Marie and Jack Patrick.  A good and Godly woman, she is respected by friends and beloved by family.

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