February 15, 2019

St. Francis Mission Church Tea, Yulee, FL

copied from St. Francis website
     I was invited to speak at this lovely Ladies Tea the Sunday before Valentine's Day.  What with the frilly lace table clothes, floral patterned dishes, colored glasses, a light lunch of chicken over biscuits, grape and yogurt salad, strawberry shortcake and sharing tidbits about my novels, I was in my element.  The women were friendly and chatty and I will remember their sweet hospitality always. 
     Oh, they gave me a gift basket containing, in part, a St. Francis member-created cookbook, chocolate bars and movie tickets! 
Jane Marie Malcolm and crafts which tie into her Goodbye Lie series

Miss Ella, Breelan, Carolena Marie, Grammy, Peeper and even Aunt Noreen  from the late 1880s in  my Goodbye Lie series told me they would approve because they have similar teas quite often! -jmm

Ladies in hats! (photo by Lyndan)

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