March 19, 2019

Spring's Frying Pan

     As you may know, I seasonally change what I hang on the gate of our Stately Martha (Bear) Manor.*  While some hang flowers or seaside verses, I  say, "Off with the shamrock and up with the frying pan!"  The paint has chipped a bit, here and there, but it has endured the brutal Florida sunshine and not faded too much.  The best part for me is visitors recognize my tall decorative sticks as the palm trees they are supposed to be! 

Martha Bear (who sees with her heart because she has no eyes), Captain Fancy Patch, himself, and Swiney, his piggy companion

     *Martha Bear is a featured player in my Goodbye Lie  historical romance series set in the late 1800s in Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida.  She makes cameo appearances in the books and is also the star of The Great Amelia Island Sniff Off, a 15 minute story read by Captain Fancy Patch of the Rosie Freckle, anchored off the northern tip of the island.  Click on the link to enjoy the family friendly silly story!

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