May 31, 2019

Long Term School Surprise

     This idea is new to me and I love it. My friend, Andrea Grossman, is doing it for her daughter and she showed me her project. (Please refer to the photos in this post.) Near the last day of the first year of your child's schooling, pre-k, kindergarten or first grade, ask his or her teacher to write a little something in the Dr. Seuss book, Oh, the Places You'll Go!, which you've purchased beforehand.  Then, at the end of each school year, present the same book to the next teacher your child has, asking for a comment/advice and their autograph. Be sure to have each instructor date their entry. Also,write the grade number and school's name so as to refresh memories when needed.  Surprise your student with the  completed book on graduation day of 12th grade!  What a wonderful gift for them and you.  
     The secret here is not to hide the book so well from year to year, that you can't find it.  That would be my luck and it would happen in the 12th year.  Should this occur, you could write your student a note saying something like, "My best intention was to give you a great book filled with teachers' signatures and advice written throughout your entire school career.  I have misplaced it, if you can imagine me doing such a thing.  I guess we'll come across it when we move, I have to clean the house or when you wheel me into that retirement home, I know you already have picked out.  Love, your Mother." 

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