September 27, 2020

Cheese Crisps - Yummo!

Cheese Crisp with home grown tomatoes!!!

     Once upon a time, I was making a toasted cheese sandwich on our George Foreman grill.  I laid down the bread and cheese and closed the lid, soon realizing I had forgotten to add the top slice of bread.  Yikes, thought I!  I will never get off the burned cheese directly  in contact with the lid.  "Freak not, lest ye be freaked!" (JMM original)  The grill is non-stick coated, for true!
     With the love of cheese always in my mental meal plan, I remembered we had dined at a fancy restaurant many years ago.  They served some sort of cheesy rounds sprinkled with black pepper.  They were crunchy, too.  I have always wanted to recreate them. Bravely, I sprinkled a very thin layer of shredded sharp cheese on the ungreased Georgie grill. You may also lay down two cheddar pre-sliced squares.  Pluging it in, I closed the lid, waiting 30 seconds. I peeked. The melted cheese needed a bit more heat to turn it golden brown. Adding another 20 seconds or so, I unplugged the grill, opened the lid, sprinkled on a dash of garlic powder and black pepper and waited for my creation to cool.  Just like the lid, the cheese crisp lifted easily and I placed it on a sterile white plate for pure clean contrast. 
     Now, the edges were crispy and so was the center, as desired.  Sometimes, if the sprinkled cheese is a bit thicker in the middle, the center may be a bit rubbery.  So matter, the taste is grand.  Give it a try.
     Disclaimer:  My cheese did not stick on my grill.  I hope yours won't either.  🤞
     Enjoy! - jmm   

melting cheese on the non-stick grill 
(That is not black pepper.  
The tiny bubbles from the melted cheese popped.)

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