November 6, 2020

Toss or Treasure It? plus Goodbye Lie Diaries - Miss Ella

     There are two kinds of folks. Those who look at the roses pictured above and say something like, "Why do you keep those old dead flowers?"  Then there are those, like me, who say something like, "I adore dried flowers.  Their muted shadow of what once was brilliant color can't dim the memories they hold."  What do you see?  Dead or dried flowers?  Trash or wonder at the beautiful sentiment they represent? - jmm

The Goodbye Lie Diaries - Miss Ella Dunnigan

   (*Miss Ella is the beloved matriarch of the Dunnigans in the historical romance/suspense Goodbye Lie series set on Amelia Island, Florida.  Wise, patient, kind and a wonderful cook, she leads her bunch, including her husband, Michael, toward and to the real treasures of life, family.) 

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*Miss Ella
Circa late 1800s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Miss Ella writes:
     Dear Jane Marie,
        Being a rosarian, I agree when you say roses or any flower for that matter, in a dried state, evoke sweet memories.  There is many a book in which I have pressed my flowers. With the art of living occupying my time, I readily admit to a gentle thrill upon discovering a dried blossom between the pages of a beloved novel or book of verse. It is then I visit the memory the faded bloom evokes. Such a sweet blessing this is.
                                                           With regards of great warmth,


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