July 20, 2021

Grammy Camp - Beading

Key Chain with Initial A by Ava

     Beading and jewelry making has many parts.  You first have to decide what to create.  Then, you must sort through the beads/embellishments to find the color, style and mix you want. Next, you lay them out on a special tray in a pattern, changing your mind repeatedly.  Finally, you string everything and finish with special tools for wire, if used.  In our case, the result is Ava's key chain, which is useful besides being decorative, where Grammy's bracelet is only decorative.  Ava wins on value points!
     Thank you to my sister, Nancy Kamp, a jewelry making instructor, who knows her craft, and thank you, Aunt Nancy, too, for our endless supply of beads!  
                                         Love, Ava and Grammy

Heart Bracelet by Grammy

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