August 14, 2018

Grammy Camp Photography

     Granddaughter Ava seems to have an "eye" for picture taking, and she loves it!  Here are a few she snapped around Stately Martha Manor, formerly known as Stately Malcolm Manor until friends of our Martha Bear, stuffed spokesbear and model for this blog, hung a new sign on our residence,
Martha Bear, spokesbear and model
naming it in her honor. Since we all love Martha Bear, hubby Bruce and I think it is a fine thing so to do.
     Wonderful job, Ava!


August 7, 2018

Grammy Camp - Beach Wreath - Plus Goodbye Lie Diaries - Peeper

     This easy creation was inspired by the cover of our *Amelia Islander Magazine. I recycled this grapevine wreath or you can buy one inexpensively, find some shells on the beach, in that glass vase on your hutch or online. A little paint and glue and you can start creating! Instructions are below:

Beach Wreath

You'll Need:
grapevine wreath (the fuller, the better looking, I think)
white spray paint
aqua paint
glitter (optional)
pearls (optional)
old jewelry (optional)
ribbon for hanging if needed

     On a protected surface, I put newspaper on the garage floor, lightly spray your grapevine wreath with white paint, so it looks white-washed. Let dry.
     While drying, paint only some of your seashells with the aqua using a brush. Let dry. Leave several shells natural.
     Arrange the shells on the wreath in a pleasing pattern, remembering odd numbers of groupings, look best to the eye. I used three to a grouping.
     Glue and add trim.
     Hang proudly or give as a pretty gift!
                    Enjoy, Jane Marie - present day 
The Goodbye Lie Diaries
Late 1880s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Peeper writes: Boy howdie! If that ain't a perty thing, I don't know what is. With all the littles, that's how I've taken ta callin' the grandchildren - Yes, with all the littles a-runnin' wild around Dunnigan Manor, this sure would keep 'em busy. We will first gather wild grapevine ta make our wreaths. We can hang 'em on the front rail of the
Miss Ella
house. Miss Ella would like that. She loves them littles almost, almost as much as I do!

*Amelia Islander

August 2, 2018

Grammy Camp - Paintbrush Dolls

Granddaughter Ava's Bride Doll
     A big part of our annual Grammy Camp is all about creating. Last year, we made dolls from perfume bottles. This year we made these fabulous dolls from paintbrushes. They are fashioned with odd trinkets from my lifetime collection of stuff in my craft boxes.  Here is how we made ours:

You'll need:

Paintbrush from the Dollar Store
Paint of your choice to cover the brush handle and bristles, optional
Grammy's Irish Doll
Face - large(about 1") clear glass button-rounds-trace a circle on paper, draw a face and glue it to the back of the glass button with clear glue
Trim - glitter, ribbon, flowers, buttons, shells, rick-rack, fabric etc. 

Simple or fancy, make your paintbrush doll as a gift, as an ornament, door hanger, wall art, etc.  Remember, no two will be alike and it's relaxing me time or time with the kids, plus it's just pure fun!

July 22, 2018

Grammy Camp - Crowns Abound! - Goodbye Lie Diaries - Marie Dunnigan Writes

    Grammy Camp is an annual event at Stately       Martha Manor (named for our Martha Bear teddy bear).  Since my granddaughter is a mini-me, can anything be more fun than our shared interests in crafting, photography, music, food, humor and just about every subject there is?
     This day we created crowns.  Ava and I love crowns.  There are endless ideas and styles online, and the picture shows our happy efforts.  Here's how we made lace crowns.
     Oh, I have to tell you that most of these crowns are 40 years old, although we made them today. Why?  There used to be a fabric store called Cloth World that sold "penny-a-yard lace."  I think their limit per day was $1.00.  They had the sale quite often, so I still have hundreds of yards of lace left.  I've used the different styles of lace to edge pillows, blankets, quilts, christening gowns, bibs, curtains, dresses, vests, wedding decor, costumes, placemats, dog coats, just about anything you can make by hand. As a child, my Barbra used to say, "Not Cloth World again, Mommy."  hahaha  Little did she know, that decades later, her daughter and I would be creating treasures together with that very lace. 

Lace Crowns

You'll need:


Rinsed out metal can or plastic whipped cream container (Cool Whip-type)
Old newspaper to keep your surface clean
White glue and water or fabric stiffener from Walmart or a craft store
Old paintbrush of some kind
Lace- the thicker the better
Different sized cans to keep the crown round
Parchment paper
Plastic wrap
Spray paint (optional)
Jewels, fabric roses, ribbons, etc., to decorate
Bobby Pins or thin ribbon to tie under the chin or behind the hair to secure the crown if worn (optional)
A human head or a pet or doll or the corner bedpost, etc., on which to place the finished crown.

We went online for directions and this is what we ended up doing.  It worked well.

1. Cover your round cans with a layer of plastic wrap.
2. Pour 3 parts glue and 1 part water into a clean container you can throw away and mix well or use store-bought fabric stiffener.
3. Determine the size of crown you want, add a half inch to cross the ends over and later glue. Cut your length of lace, trying to match the pattern in the back where you'll adhere the ends.
4. Dip one length of lace at a time into the glue.  Holding one end at the top over the can of glue, run your thumb and first finger down to the end to get the excess glue off. Lay the glue covered lace flat on the parchment paper. 
5. Using an old paintbrush, make sure the glue is even on both sides and the holes in the lace are open. Let dry.
6. When dry, paint more glue onto both sides of the lace. The lace will soften again from the glue. Move the wet lace to the plastic covered can, overlap the lace and pin in place.  Let dry.
7. With a dull knife and the help of an adult, slip the knife under the dried round lace to remove it from the can.  If it's still not stiff enough, paint on more glue and let dry on the can again, to keep the round shape.
8. Once dry and stiff, hot glue the ends, overlapping slightly. 
9. Spray paint a color, add glitter, weave a ribbon through the holes of the lace, add a bow, add jewels, silk flowers or leave as is.  The lace, itself, is pretty. 
10. Give as gifts to your favorite princesses or queens and save one or two for yourself because you are royalty in your world. Let everyone know!

The Goodbye Lie Diaries

Late 1880s
Fernandina on Amelia Island

Marie Dunnigan
*Marie Dunnigan writes: How beautiful! I want to be a princess, too.  If I ask my mother, Miss Ella, perhaps she will share a piece of lace made by the sisters at Saint Michael's. I am sure Peeper has glue. Should she not, she can make some sort of stiffening potion that will work. I can use one of Daddy's blueberry wine jugs for the round to pin the crown on and trim with a sparkling broach.  I am so anxious to begin, I will find Mother, straight away, and inquire about the lace.  Thank you,  Miss Jane and Ava. The result of my efforts will be most regal, I'm certain. 

*Marie Dunnigan is the youngest adult sibling in the family.  Some may describe her as self-involved. She seems to learn from her mistakes, at least sometimes. Marie is featured in Amelia Island's Mark of a Man, set in north Florida in 1898, part of The Goodbye Lie series. 

July 11, 2018

Genius Plus The Goodbye Lie Diaries - Leona

     Women are always questing for longer eyelashes.  Layers of mascara, false lashes with glue, they all take time to apply or smear or fall off.           
     Enter what I think of as pure genius: magnetic lashes.  Note the picture above.  The tiny red dot on the "bottom" lash is the magnet.  There is another magnet on the "top" lash. This is how they work. You lay the top false lash atop your own lashes, then add the bottom false lash beneath, snapping the magnets in place, sandwiching your real lashes between. Genius. Am I right? 
     Then here comes all-thumbs and fingers me. I turned on both bathroom lights, squinted into a magnifying mirror 8Xs normal strength and struggled for over seven minutes to achieve the lush lash groove which the directions said should take three seconds with practice. The magnet held fast, no problem there, but my positioning was off.  Instead of them laid against my lash line, as they were supposed to be, they ended up on the tips of my real lashes, crooked at that, thereby extending their length nearly to my brow. I came away looking like a cross between a Twiggy wanna-be, a supermodel in the 1960s with killer lashes, and a hairy spider.     The good news is I saved my receipt and will get my money back.

Disclaimer: I did not mention the name of this product because I don't want to hurt their reputation. I only wanted to show my lame attempt at personal beautification. 

Late 1800s
Fernandina, Florida

Leona writes: I am blessed with naturally long eyelashes. I take a spoon and curl my lashes against my thumb and there you have it. Pity you simple women with only lash stubs. 

*Leona Visper
available as E-book and in paperback
*Although lovely, Leona Visper, a featured player in The Goodbye Lie,  is less than kind. Self-involved, she avoids acts of charity, in all cases ...

July 6, 2018

A Little Popcorn with Your Butter?

      I enjoy going to the movies. I like the films almost as much as I do the popcorn.  Well, it's the butter I'm crazy about ... I know it's bad for me, but sometimes I take one of those "wild-side walks." I'm quite the rebel, you know.
     The age-old question arises. How does one get butter onto the popped kernels in the middle of the bag?  Sure, it's easy to drizzle butter on the top popcorn. It's just far tastier to have some down inside, too. To that end, I saw a terrific hack on Facebook that works.  Maneuver a straw half-way down through the bag of popcorn, hold the stray under the butter dispenser, drizzle said butter down the straw and there you have it.  Yummo! 
     Oh, do plan on buying a whole new wardrobe because not only will your waistband soon get too tight, but your shirts will be covered in grease stains where the butter soaked through the bottom of the bag.  Pleasures often have consequences, don't they?  🍿

July 3, 2018


     In a wonderful country like ours,  I was not surprised to find a miniature version of The Statue of Liberty standing proudly in the Publix grocery store between the salsa chips and the pink flamingo inner tubes.
     From sea to shining sea, God bless the USA!

Happy July 4th! 

June 28, 2018

Save the Mat!

     I had a perfectly good doormat faded from the intense sunlight here on Amelia Island, Florida.  You know how I like my spray paint. (Passersby want to buy my formerly old faded pink flamingos right out of our front yard because the spray can found them and they are now so randomly colorful.)
     I got to thinking, as I often do. I pulled out the paint, placed the boring mat on the grass and with the push of a spray can button, I spritzed a very light coat of dark green onto the overall mat.  Next came the white for the leaves and vines, followed by the pink and peach for the roses.  It took less than five minutes to enhance the mat and I think it turned out pretty well.  It's by the front door now, offering a silent greeting that says: "The people inside this house are zany!  Prepare yourselves!"  (Someone described me as zany recently, and I've never had a happier compliment in my life!)

June 23, 2018

Glory in the Morning plus Goodbye Lie Diaries- Breelan

Present Day
Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida

Jane Marie writes: I had never seen morning glories in this particular area I frequent. But, poof, there they were, in all stages of blooming from buds (look at the lower right of the top photo) to full-blown blossoms.
     A memory from childhood, I recall them climbing on our backyard fence and I thought how pretty they were.  When they wilted, I'd pluck away old blooms to make room for more.
     As I stopped to take these pictures, I thought about the name, morning glory. How simple and wonderfully sweet. The way they open their faces in the a.m. in greeting to a new "glorious" day, well, they are aptly named.  💮
     I did a quick search for info and found they are poison to ingest, so don't. They come from South American and have made their way here. There are 500 varieties! They are a vine and will climb on anything vertical.  They are often considered a weed. In Victorian times, they represented either love or mortality because each bloom wilts after one day. They also stand for tenacity because, although their vines twist and turn, they are tough and don't quit climbing.
    So, there are a few tidbits about morning glories, an old-timey flower that deserves appreciation.

Late 1880s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Breelan Dunnigan writes: I am not noted for my gardening abilities, more my writing, but I do love flowers. Peeper mentioned morning glories one time while talking to herself.  I do not believe I was meant to hear. She said something about how she would love to sit back and watch while they "growed up Aunt Noreena's legs, fat body and around her neck.  Since they are knowed ta chock out plants," she figured they might choke the blather out of her next-door nemesis.  
Breelan Dunnigan
     Those two are always at it. I think they secretly adore the other. Well, not adore, but like each other. Hmm, no. I don't know which one hates the other more. The only good thing to come of their nasty shenanigans is it gives mama an example to tell the little ones about how to NOT behave, and the adults think it's funny. 
Breelan Dunnigan is the heroine in The Goodbye Lie series,

the first in the historical romance novels set on Amelia Island in north Florida. A cub reporter for the Florida Mirror, Bree learns while she lives, appreciating all things that may spark a short story or an article for the local newspaper. Her curiosity is known to cause her trouble and her trouble is her family's trouble ... 

June 20, 2018

A Brother's Gift

     Just look at the very cool T-shirt my sweet brother, retired Navy Chief Bob Harkins, sent me for my birthday.  He knows me so well!  (Insert big smile here!) Thank you,  Bobby!

June 15, 2018

My Father

     Thinking about our precious father, I realize I have a smile on my face.  That sums it up.  His love for his children, grandchildren and great-grandchild, all the days of our lives, is the most precious treasure a human being can expect on this earth.  And his every action, with regard to us, reinforced that love.  
     My siblings and I have been blessed beyond words, measure and forever, having been born into the family headed by such a gentle, feisty and good man as Leo Michael Harkins. May the Lord continue to hold Daddy in the hollow of His mighty hand. May the flutter of angels' wings keep time to the beat of Tommy Dorsey's orchestra playing background in an eternity of laughter and joy as Daddy stands beside the woman he loves, in the presence of our saving Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you, God. Amen.

My hope is that each of you enjoys the tender care of a father-figure. Be it a lifetime or a momentary touch of a strong arm about your shoulder, take it into your soul, feel that love and let it warm you always.  

Happy Father's Day to All
on earth and in Heaven

June 12, 2018

Beneath a Reading Tree


     To me, the title of this post sounds like you should expect to read a poem.  Not this time. It's more for those who like/love to read novels because this image screams, "I want to be the girl nestled under the tree holding the book." I found the picture at Free Trinkets and Treasures blog. . Visit them and email  a thank you for allowing us to use this picture. 
Notice the white heart carved into the tree. Ahh ...

Purchase The Goodbye Lie series here,
in E-book and Paperback. 
Each novel stands alone and features one of the grown siblings in the Dunnigan family from Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida,
in Victorian times.

June 1, 2018

Lazy Gardener's Lush Flowers

Some may call this simple idea lazy.
Others may praise me for my economy of time.  I like the instant gratification of it plus the beauty.  You have curb appeal and you never have to use a shovel or gloves or get your hands dirty! 

What is it? Go to the garden shop and buy a flat of, in this case begonias, which are annuals.  Without counting, I think there are 24 plants in one of three flats I took home and perched on my front landscape timber. My method? Leaving each flat intact, place one or all in a location according to the required light instructions on the growing card which comes with the flowers, remember to water them and there you have your instant flower garden!  I heard once there is fertilizer in the container dirt already, so no need to pay for that.  Naturally, you can dig a hole and insert each plant into the earth, like *Miss Ella and **Peeper do.  After all, this is still America.  But if you haven’t the time or you don’t want to strain your back,  try my easy and tested method of gardening.  The pictures prove it works.  This is two months worth of growth, by the way.  Should the plants get too leggy, I may be forced  

to bring out the scissors and give them a haircut.  Even this lazy gardener will make that effort, if necessary.

In addition, I bought some moss roses (not pictured here), also known as portulacas or purslanes.  I think there are six to a flat. I cut them into 3s and placed them at the base of a rose bush and another section on a large yard rock.  I love moss roses because they don’t require much water at all in this Florida heat.  They will get leggy, but either pinch them back or cut them back, saving the pieces.  Toss the pieces on dirt/sand and they often will root on their own, making a patch of brilliant ground cover for you.  Happy flowering!  

*Miss Ella and **Peeper are prime characters in The Goodbye Lie series set on Amelia Island, Florida. Miss Ella is a respected rosarian in town and Peep likes her hydrangea bush aka her door step plant. Catching Aunt Noreen clipping a stem to root makes Peeper happy because Noreena couldn't grow a weed if she smothered it in manure and spit tobacco juice on it.

May 25, 2018

Memorial Day Photo Says It All

    I was standing behind a big Marine during last year's annual Memorial Day ceremonies. The angle of the scene spoke so loudly of the meaning of this most important event honoring our fallen heroes, I had to take the picture. 
     Thank you to each man and woman who died to keep us safe.  May we all be forever grateful, respectful and reverent toward them. 

May 22, 2018

Diaper Drop plus The Goodbye Lie Diaries - Breelan Dunnigan

Here is an easy and oh so useful idea for the office, business, house of worship or anywhere people gather.  It's called a Diaper Drop and Prince of Peach Lutheran Church on Amelia Island, Florida is doing this collection for charity.  Diapers are  one thing necessary the first years of a baby's life.  For anyone watching their pennies, and who isn't, especially young couples, diapers are the perfect item to help them out.  If you watch the BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) sales, you might even double-donate.  Grab a cardboard box, make a sign and you're ready to start gathering for a good cause! 
   The same goes for a Sox Box or Tee (Shirt) Treasures, Dental Delights (toothpaste, etc.), Pasta Presents, etc. 

The Goodbye Lie Diaries
Late 1880s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Breelan writes:  What a wonderful idea, Jane Marie.  We do not have packages of diapers as your photograph shows, but we can purchase or
cut fresh cotton cloth diapers to donate.  I have to go to the Florida Mirror newspaper office this afternoon to turn in my copy for the advertisement our Aqua Verde Passenger Line will run next week.  I will suggest to Major Fairbanks, the editor, that he does this very thing and, mayhap,  your Sox Box, as well. There are so many needleworkers in Fernandina who could knit or crochet a pair or two of socks or some sort of simple booties, I am certain they will contribute. Socks could be purchased, too, of course. In my short career, first as a cub reporter and now in charge of advertising for our cruising company, I have learned how most folks are giving
Get The Goodbye Lie series HERE in E-book and paperback
. Part of God's plan is to help others and this is a lovely way in which to do that. Maybe Major Fairbanks will put a small notice in his newspaper, showcasing this matter. Meanwhile, I will  tell everyone I see.  Even better, I'll mention it to Aunt Noreen and word will spread faster than a pig eats waffles as Peeper would say. At least, Auntie will be telling a worthwhile tale for once. 

Breelan is the second oldest daughter in the Dunnigan family on Amelia Island. She is unaware of her allure and that invites danger on too many levels ... Grandmother Peeper adopted the Dunnigan household when Michael, the patriarch, was gone to war and his wife, Miss Ella, was by herself with just her two little girls, Breelan and Carolena.  Everyone loves Peep.  Aunt Noreen, who lives next door, not so much. 

May 18, 2018

Royal Wedding Games!

See the source image
     My sister  sent me a copy of Royal Wedding Bingo. Thank you, Peggy.  I don't know from whence it originated, but it's very cute.  Things like: William and Harry joke on the altar, Megan 10 minutes late and Cringey nod to America, are some of the blocks to check off.  Feel free to make up your own. 
I googled royal games and found this link. From a hat contest to a mini-cake baking challenge, check out the fun for your early morning watch party.  Games may be played following the wedding, too.  Why not?  Fun is fun, isn't it?
And this wedding is not a happy ending. Rather, it is a happy beginning for Prince Harry and his lady, Meghan. 
      God bless them both.

May 15, 2018

Tallahassee View

     My daughter, Barbra, appreciates her southern home and the panhandle of Florida is mighty USA southern.  She captured this unfiltered photo at 6:45 a.m., her favorite part being the little bird water tracks. She wrote: So peaceful ... No traffic, birds joyful along the way and the mist on the lake from the cool weather (only vaguely captured on the left side of the photo) ... 😀 
     All I can say is, "Mother Nature knows her stuff."  Thank you, Barbra, for sharing with the world! (Your mama loves you.)

May 13, 2018

Remembering Mother

See the source image
So much love given, accepted and
passed on ...

Thank you to all mothers ... everywhere.

May 7, 2018

A Goodbye Lie Excerpt - Rival Romance On Board The Gentle Comfort

The Gentle Comfort
      An alarming commotion on the main deck and running footsteps could be heard clear inside Nora's room.
     "Cap'n Taylor! Cap'n Taylor!" shouted Wally, the new cabin boy. 
     Stepping into the passageway, "Has Miss Dunnigan awakened?"
     "No, sir. I ran down lookin' for ya in your stateroom. Farley told me where to find ya, sir. A man's demandin' ta see ya and right now! He's real threatening about it, too, sir."
Get E-book and Paperback HERE
"Do you know who he is?"
     "No, sir. Just that he seems pretty riled already."
     "Thank you, Wally. I'll see to it. You go on about to your duties." 
     "Aye, sir."
    "Pardon me, Miss Nora. I have a seemingly disagreeable matter to attend," and he turned, taking large quick steps away from her. Curiosity forced Nora to follow. Uncontrolled ravings could be heard as they mounted the stairs to the main deck. 
     "Where is she? I'll give that sonofabitch one more minute before I go and get her myself. He can't keep me from her." The man shouting looked at his watch, counting the last seconds aloud. 
     Reaching the cause of the disturbance, Waite challenged, "You bastard! So you are alive!"   
     Nora was relieved to see a well-groomed Trip in his crisp uniform standing before the captain. She didn't understand the captain's intense anger at Trip. Surely, he had grounds for leaving Bree alone. The ship's highest officer was being purposely unreasonable. Trip would explain if just given the chance.
     Waite scoped the length of his rival, assessing little damage had been done him the last few hours. Clelland merely appeared to have a set of beady blood shot eyes. The captain readied himself to hear an inadequate explanation.
     As passengers gathered, "I demand to see Breelan at once," Trip shouted. The confrontation added to the exhilaration of the travelers' voyage.
     "She's resting."
     "Your boy says in your cabin." 
     "Yes, in my cabin. All other staterooms were occupied."
     "How convenient for you." 
     Waite mentally winced at the implication for Breelan's sake. Still, he would not retaliate because he knew the suggestion of improper conduct was true.
     Waite charged, "How did she come to ride here unaccompanied? Journeying for who knows how long and in the darkness? She's been dead asleep for hours." That is, all but for a moment, he remembered with pleasing satisfaction. 
     Dismissing the captain's question, Trip insisted, "Show me to her, or I'll call the law and have you arrested."
     "This is my ship and I am the law, or did you forget that fact? Besides, what would you have me charged with? Aiding a woman who purposely sought my help? You're a fool."
     "No, Captain. You're the fool. Apparently, you haven't been informed of the entire story." Covering each word in proud poison, Trip said, "..."

May 1, 2018

Hollywood Hearts - It's May!

It's May!  It's May! Those are the opening lyrics from Camelot's The Lusty Month of May, a cleverly written tune by Alan Jay Lerner (1918-1986).  There are many versions of this wonderful song from the popular Broadway musical on YouTube, including a recording by Julie Andrews, but this link below is from the  1967 movie with Vanessa Redgrave singing.  Enjoy! 

April 20, 2018

Gone With The Wind

Television screen shot taken with my phone explains the poor quality

   I was watching Gone With The Wind with my twenty year old niece.  She had never seen it before and thoroughly enjoyed it. But, for as many times as I've watched that movie and even attended two GWTW costume balls in Atlanta and consider myself a Windie, that night was the first time I noticed the writing, arched over the front door of the church which reads: Peace be Within Thy Walls. As I've learned from my research, a church and its pews were/are sometimes used as beds for make-shift hospitals in times of war and crisis. How perfect to find these words in a house of love. Yet, it's very ironic that peace is so far away, during that gruesome and very sad time in our country. 

April 17, 2018

Family Friendly

Look what I came across on the internet concerning this blog:

Google Safe Browsing

Website status Safe
:-)  🙋
 Jane Marie

April 14, 2018

Bible Plants plus Goodbye Lie Diaries - Peeper

Present Day
Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida

    My friend, Donna Lind, loves to garden. She
has shared her efforts with Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida, with plantings mentioned in the Bible. Below, find a few of the photos I took to show you. Situated near the entrance, in a flower box, beneath a large wooden cross, each has a corresponding sign beside it, giving its name and the bible verse where the reference can be found.  Thank you, Donna. With the Internet, the whole world can enjoy this wonderful project of yours. -                                                                Jane Marie

Late 1800s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

*(Grandmother) Peeper writes: Ooh, sowwie!  I will be adiggin' some holes and puttin' in some Bible plants, too, just ta remind me of the Good Book.  I will plant 'em near the path between our Dunnigan Manor and Duffy Pace sos every time that nasty Aunt Noreena walks over ta get some of  Miss Ella's treats or mine, she will see 'em. If we're lucky, just a mite, she will trip on a root and fall inta one a the prickiest ones. Alright, Lord.  I take that back. But maybe she might shut her mouth and not be so hateful, bein' reminded of the Word and all. 

*Peeper is heavily featured in the Southern Fiction series beginning with The Goodbye Lie, set on Amelia Island in Victorian times. She really doesn't like anyone referring to her as grandmother because she doesn't want to be treated in a delicate fashion.  Read all about the silly interaction between  Peeper and Aunt Noreen, next door.