November 7, 2021

Peeperisms: A Warning


 "If'n she wears a flower

 by her cheek, 

she might turn out 

 ta be a sneak!"


 *Peeper Clegg adopted the Dunnigan family, moving right in on them, back in late 1800s Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida .  Now, she is the beloved grandmother of the lot.  Famous for her elixir fixers and funny fights with neighbor Aunt Noreen, she is a prime character in the The Goodbye Lie historical romance series. Her colorful countrified sayings have come to be known as Peeperisms.

 The Goodbye Lie Victorian romance series is available in E-books and Paperbacks

These books are not your typical mystery novels.  Add the unexpected, humor, family misdeeds, plenty of passion, good and bad ...  All of this is just part of 

 Amelia Island’s Goodbye Lie novels.

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