September 27, 2011

Goodbye Lie Diaries - Breelan - Writer to Writer

September 2011
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Jane Marie writes:

Hi Breelan,

Wanted to tell you that this past weekend we had a gathering of local authors in our city Rec Center near Main Beach.  The weather was great, the public was welcolm (my personal spelling of the word)  and it was a full day of a wide variety of books from 45 writers. This was the first annual and we expect next year's show to be bigger! An especially big thank you to our two book stores downtown on Centre Street, Books Plus and The Book Loft. You'd love these places. Oh, the photograph below is me at the show.  I played with the color of the picture for giggles. If you're wondering what the black fringe is across the top, it is chair legs.  I was in front of the stage.

Being a part time reporter for the Florida Mirror, the forerunner of our News Leader, as well as in charge of advertising for your family's Aqua Verde Passenger Line, do you get much time for writing your stories?

September 1880s
Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Hello Jane Marie,

I do so love seeing your creative photographs. What fun that must be to have the means to not only make the pictures but colorize them at your whim.

As to your question about my writing, I steal the moments when I can.

How very exciting to share your books not only with the town folks but with other authors. There is talk of starting some sort of gathering for the writers in my century. Seems everyone is so busy, it is difficult to pin down a time and place. We only have four ladies and one man who show interest right now. Once our group is established, we hope it, too, will grow, the same as your annual book show.

It is less than kind to say this, however, I can confide in you. One reason we are slow to commence our writers' gathering is Aunt Noreen. She wants to join. Can you imagine that?  She's driven half the ladies from the Orchid Society and the Sunshine Ladies at church are about ready to string her up!  When you created Aunt Noreen, you surely created a pistol!

PS I fancy the idea of spelling my words however I like, the same as you. Should Sister Anestassia ever hear of such a thing, I fear she will have a hissy. Now that would be quite comical!

September 25, 2011

Round & Round

Used to be, I roller skated all over the neighborhood, like the other kids. I carried a skate key on a string around my neck to adjust the metal clamps that attached to the front sides of my shoe soles. Every now and again, they would rip off those soles or come loose, flip out and back and slam  the back of your heel. Owwww.  Those were the days. I remember, too, being the winner of the "Name That Tune" at the roller rink. Baby Elephant Walk, said I, to win some plastic bagpipes.

I am happy to say that after a couple, oh heck, a few decades, they still have roller rinks with tons of kids of all ages skating. I know this because I recently attended a birthday party with my granddaughter, Ava. She was so cute learning and I was right beside her,  myself on wheels.  While the music is modern day and so loud it would leave you deaf if you stayed in the place longer than two hours, I have the picture to prove that I too braved the danger of the whirling wheels and stated. I wasn't as graceful as I once was nor was I as swift, but I still have the knack for falling down! It's just like that "riding a bike thing."  You never forget how.

"Okay, who took the skate key?"

September 12, 2011

What a Life

Note the little fellow in the middle stretching his leg!  Tough duty, huh?
Looking at Tiger Island across the Amelia River, Florida

September 6, 2011

Goodbye Lie Diaries - Miss Ella's Double Splendor

Link to the Past... 

1880s  September
Fernandina, Florida  

Miss Ella

Miss Ella writes:

My husband, Michael Dunnigan, got us all out of bed this morning to see not one but two rainbows. Magnificent. And they were not out over the Atlantic as usual.  They were sitting over our little town of Fernandina.  I wish I could share them with everyone.


2011 September
Fernandina, Florida

Jane Marie writes:

As happenstance would have it, Miss Ella, the weather conditions on this September morning of the 21st century were the very same as they were on your 19th century September morn. My husband, Bruce, got me out of bed, too, and there were the rainbows.   You said you wished you could share them with everyone. Let me do it for you with the photographs I took.  Enjoy!


1880s September

Fernandina, Florida

Miss Ella writes:

My stars! To be able to see a fleeting thing of beauty then keep it with you like this forever--I thank you, Jane Marie.

September 3, 2011

GBL Diaries- Breelan Thanks JMM

1880s  Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida
Breelan write and Jane Marie answers...

Dear Jane Marie,


   I want to thank you for finding me inside your imagination. I like who I am. You could have made me  hateful like Aunt Noreen but instead I'm lovable. Oh dear, I do not mean to sound boastful. It is just that I generally have more friends than enemies. Well, until I have my Goodbye Lie adventure. I shiver as I remember. My life in danger, my family, too... There are bad people in the world, even here on tranquil Amelia Island in the Atlantic Ocean and you found them.  It makes for a great tale I have to say. The best part of all is you deliver me into the hands of the man I love, although it is quite the struggle to be together.  I want you to know how happy I am to be able to tell you my feelings in these Goodbye Lie diaries.  What fun to reach through time like this!
   Most sincerely,
   Breelan Dunnigan

Dear Bree,

Jane Marie
    I am so very, very glad, happy and proud, as they say, to discover you, too!  Little did I know that the loss of my husband's job making me homesick for Fernandina when we moved away for two years then back again, would be the catalyst to spark me writing the twisting chapters of our  Goodbye Lie series. Notice I write our series.  It is not mine alone for without you, the rest of the Dunnigan family and the Fernandina townfolk plus the unwelcome intruders to cause conflict, we would not have exciting escapades to share with the whole world. Did you realize that folks all over the earth read about you and yours?  It was meant to be, sweet Breelan.
   Much love, 
   Jane Marie