March 25, 2012

The Dragon Within

I blame my artsy-fartsy ways, please excuse the less than gracious expression, partly on being left-handed, but mostly on good genes. Therefore to my mind, unusual objects are often just waiting to be uncovered, discovered or turned into items of beauty. What follows is about one such object. While I used to have a very green thumb, and still probably do if I take the time, fertilize and water, lately I've lost a few plants. I don't even remember what type of plant this was when it was green and growing above the soil. As I was cleaning up a corner of our courtyard garden, I pulled forth a dead tangle of roots. Most folks would probably have trashed this dried out nasty. There was something about it that reminded me of driftwood so after shaking off all the sandy dirt, I took a closer look and discovered the dragon within. Some copper, purple and pink paint to highlight the body and tail and a bit of silver for the head and there you have her.  I have named her Drageena and she currently is the centerpiece on the round table in our screen porch. She seems happy there.  It's always nice to make new friends.   

March 20, 2012

Now Here is a Flower Bed!

We attended the Sacred Harp/Shape Note sing ( recently and I had to take a photo of this "flower bed" outside the Hoboken, Georgia Elementary School cafeteria. Isn't this a cute idea? 

March 18, 2012

Shape Note Sing on St. Patrick's Day

Try as I might, I often have techno operator errors.  Yesterday was one of those times.  I cleverly had a blog post ready and scheduled to go online automatically for St. Patrick's Day because I knew we would be in Hoboken, Georgia at the annual Sacred Harp/Shape Note Sing and not near a computer. Apparently, it never went up because, although I had the time and date correct for auto posting, I had it in draft mood instead of post mode--or something like that.  Bottom line- Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day.

However, March 17th was a special day for us because we attended the Shape Note Sing.  My husband, Bruce, discovered it and each year we try and attend. I have written before about the beauty of this primitive form of four part a capella harmony.  Click here to read my article.:

VisitYou Tube and see the two part video about David Lee, the leader and champion of this grand and gracious sacred music at  A big thank you to  Water Tower films and their You Tube videos, which put you right there in Hoboken with us!

David Lee leading a hymn inside the "hollow square."
Note the hands of several singers keeping time with an up/down, left/right repeated pattern.

Our Sacred Harp Song book-There is revised edition available. 

Note the circles, triangles, squares and diamond shaped notes

March 15, 2012

Doggie Don't

We had a family of Yorkshire Terriers, a mommy, daddy and baby. They were with us for a very long time until old age took them.  We have often mentioned this odd little fact about them to other people with dogs and once we point it out, they study their own pets. And yes, by jingo, their critters do the same thing. What am I referring to? A dog will often yawn when you tell him "don't."  It's his way of protesting without biting your arm off! Now go and study your dog.

March 12, 2012

Making the Mark - Novel Discovery

Today, as everyday, I was editing Mark of a Man, #3 in my historic suspense/romance series set on Amelia Island, Florida. I was sorting out the four children- Lana, Ellen, Aggie and Nugget. I was checking to make sure the right child was calling the right parent mama or daddy. It struck me suddenly how I have three little girls who can grow up to become three young ladies in a future novel, like Breelan, Carolena and Nora in the current Goodbye Lie series! With a 4th novel, Sand and Sin, in rough draft manuscript form and ten Martha Bear™ short stories written but not edited, a blog to update, merchandise to make and market, book signings and shows to attend, finalizing Mark of a Man for publication, plus all the new ideas swirling in my head and living an every day wonderful existence with my family, I should live so long to create a fifth novel starring the next generation of my fictional girls. It could happen...

P.S. Don't you love the name Nugget for a little boy? Someone I know has a grandson named that and I just had to use. His family can't wait to read Mark of a Man for that reason alone. So, sorry Mac. You're now known as Nugget!

March 9, 2012

Welcome Home

This is a happy ending to the horrible story of my dear, dear friend Bonnie who lost her home and all it's contents in the May 22, 2011 Joplin, Missouri tornado. I could put links up to You Tube or articles about the devastating storm, but I want to focus on survival.  Bonnie has seen hard times, like so many other people, yet none so hard as this ordeal.  She could have crumbled, and perhaps did a bit in private. Yet after the shock of it all, I am not surprised by her strength. She did what needed to be done, and that was to keep her family together. With the help of her wonderful husband by her side, plenty of caring friends supporting her and her unshakable faith in God, today she has crossed the threshold of her newly built home.  In my book, she is the stuff heroines are made of...  Welcome home, Bonnie!

Bonnie unlocking her new front door and stepping into the brilliant future.

March 3, 2012

Goodbye Lie Diaries- Miss Ella

Fernandina on Amelia Island, Florida

Miss Ella writes:  The mighty wind is  bending the trees and stripping the petals from the last of my camellias today. Very sad to see them go but they are being replaced by budding azaleas. I do hope the wind lies down or they, too, will be nothing more than sticks with leaves.


Jane Marie writes:  It has been a windy day in our time, too, Miss Ella.  It's not nearly as strong as your bluster because I still have a camellia blossom or two left.   Oh, something new to me.  You know how the wild palmettos grow so thick and close to the ground here? My friend trimmed them up and now look at them. Very pretty and no hiding place for critters!  See photos below.


trimmed wild palmettos