January 24, 2019

Another Southern Tradition - Another Lucy Moment

     The day before New Year's, I was in the grocery store on a quest. When I told the clerk, "Hi, I'm a Yankee looking for a can of those good luck beans they eat down here in the South.  You know, those green-eyed peas."  She looked at me strangely, saying nothing.  "Oh, so you must be a Yankee, too! Where are you from?"
     "Savannah," she replied, volunteering nothing more. 
     Hmm, maybe it's a religious thing for her and she doesn't believe eating food will bring
prosperity, I thought.  Whatever, we found them on the next aisle and I thanked her for her help.
     Between you and me, I can't imagine why they're called green-eyed peas when there is nothing green about them. (Refer to the picture above.) Perhaps I will Google this question and be surprised at the answer. I just might wear out Google with all my questions, being the Question Meister I am.

P.S. All my Lucy Moments are true! It's silly in my world. That's why I share with you.

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