January 16, 2019

Speaking of Diets

     And who isn’t, my darling daughter, Barbra Boutin, suggested we go on a diet together. Great idea, right? We can encourage each other daily. Then she suggested we both give up cheese. This is what I often give up for Lent. Besides, I get protein from cheese. I suggested  we give up sweets. (I once mentioned my granddaughter, Ava, said, “Grammy, you have very sweet teeth.”)
     Well, Barbra’s teeth are far less sweet than mine, so her temptation for treats is not as great. Instead, she went for a 30-day diet that consists of good for you yummies as pictured above. This healthy, yet still inviting, breakfast serving was created, photographed and consumed by Barbra. A meal, any time, of eggs, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, avocado, roasted potatoes, some sort of compliant ketchup, whatever that is, and strawberries, now that I could go for, for sure. She also informed me there are fresh tomato slices under the eggs. 
     Yes, I could stay her course, if only I had someone to prepare such delights. So, since I don't (in part because I'm lazy), as of January 2nd, I have skipped desserts and am drinking low sodium V-8 juice. Oh, did I mention I gained a pound?

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